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SMIRK 1996 - ?2001?
Songs about drinking and Mike's X's

Smirk, the band, the myth
Formed in 1996 by Mike (Bass & Vocals), Pat Laney (Guitar & Vocals) and their first drummer Mark. This band was from its formation till its demise was a party band through and through. The original line up played a few parties and came up with what would be some of the bands core songs.
After a fallout with drummer Mark, Mike's roommate (and at that time Chode guitar player) Shawn Gort was recruited and trained to beat the skins (something that almost came naturally). For the better part of the next few years Mike, Pat and Sean were Smirk. This incarnation of the band did the bands first recording, at this time such classics as King of the Party, Jay's Song, Push Me Down, & Man were put on tape for the first time. The recording done by acquaintance Jason Minke, although rough, showcased the band at its drunken best.
After a period of stagnation and turmoil Shawn left the band, and the search was on (again) for another drummer. Thus began a rather bumpy road for the band where the chewed up and spit out drummers like . The list is too long to go into detail. Then at a chance meeting, after having messed around with the future drummer's girl friend (and the "woman" behind Last Man Standing) Mike met up with a disgruntled elfish looking individual Corey Bergoeron (?Spelling?), who was a drummer with no band. Although there musical tastes differed greatly Corey became Smirks next and final drummer.
This new version of the band saw it greatest success and least amount of progress. Smirk, now having somewhat of a reputation in the Hillside region of Duluth, they started to become recognized by their colleges and on occasion where ask to open for various bands at paying gigs. While this new found audience was some what put off by there drunken hooliganism the did start to get a small following. But all the new exposure was wasted for every time they would get a paying gig they would become complacent and not get another one for weeks if not months. While there commercial success was very lack luster, this period in the band saw the largest proliferation of song writing. It was during this time that the songs that would come to define Smirk were written and recorded.
In late spring of 2001, knowing that Smirk as it had come to known was ending. Corey or "Little Bitch" as he so affectionately had become known was picking up roots and moving to Colorado. So in the twilight of the band they made their final recording. Along with the newly formed The Undesirables, Smirk cut what would be come the first release of End Of The Line Records, "Songs about Puking, Wisdom & Glory." While Smirk only four of the songs recorded in those sessions made it to the final record, they did produced one song that became an instant classic! "This ain't no Hippy Bar." The lyrics for the song inspired by the tragic popularization of the Capri Bar in Superior, WI, a bar that had become a second home to the band and its followers, were penned minuets before recording it. The song, while it was most Oi/Street Punk song in the Smirk catalog, it was almost Brittany Spears like in it catchy-ness, its chanting chorus of "Get the Fuck out, Give back what is ours, get the fuck out, and go back to your trendy bar" made you want too sing along, drink beer and fight. Like I said instant classic.
With Little Bitch in Colorado and Pat now playing bass with The Undesirables, Smirk while always looking for another and better drummer may have seen its demise. Or Has it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

SMIRK L>R: Mike F.(Bass & Vocals), Cory aka Little Bitch (Drums), Lat Payme (Guitar, Vocals)

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